9-10 November 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone
Registration is now open! // SCAP2020 will be held as a fully virtual conference

Scientific Topics

  • Session 1: Next Generation Automotive Production


    This session focuses on new concepts for automotive production systems encountering the demands of volatile markets and further increasing product variants. The session also considers new approaches for optimized assembly planning and production control as well as the introduction of new vehicle concepts.

  • Session 2: Data Management & Interoperability


    This session addresses product management for connected industries combining technologies of product and production domain, new concepts for wireless communication as well as semantic technologies for data interoperability. The session ends with the introduction and outlook into the all new assembly administration shell concept implemented at ARENA2036.

  • Session 3: Manufacturing Technlogies


    This session focuses on manufacturing technologies, such as joining technologies e.g. the appropriate use of laser in manufacturing, additive manufacturing and composite materials.

  • Session 4: Logistic Concepts and Enabling Technologies


    This session discusses logistics concepts for matrix structured production systems, also looking into AGV technologies as well as supply chain management in battery production. The session terminates with an outlook into safety considerations for collaboration between human and machine.

  • Session 5: Sustainability & Energy Efficiency in Production


    This session highlights new concepts for smart energy storage and management in production also considering new approaches for sustainable production equipment strategies. The session terminates taking an outlook into business model innovations within automotive manufacturing.

  • Session 6: Body in White & Painting


    This session addresses current research into metal forming, bonding and painting also considering fully flexible body-in-white production concepts to encounter volatile market demands. The session ends looking into cleanliness technologies for battery production systems.

  • Session 7: Smart Systems & Services in Manufacturing


    This session takes a look into current research for deep-learning in production, robotics, the appropriate use of wearables, predictive maintenance and digital twin technologies.