9-10 November 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone
Registration is now open! // SCAP2020 will be held as a fully virtual conference



  • What do I receive as a SCAP2020 attendee?

You will have exclusive access to all scientific video contributions, receive our SCAP2020 conference kit (including printed copies of the Book of Abstract, the program booklet and several cool surprises to prepare your desk for our "distributed online event". All attendees will also receive a printed and digital copy of the SCAP2020 conference proceedings including 55 scientific papers.

  • Why do I need an Indico Account to register for SCAP?

The Indico account is required to access the video channel during our pre-week from November 2 to 8. You can create a new Indico user account here: https://conference.arena2036.de/register/

  • Where do I find my invoice?

You can click on "Registration" in the left menu and then scroll down to the button "Download Invoice"

  • I need to change my information on the invoice, how does that work?

You cannot change registration information on your own. Please just send an email to conference@arena2036.de and we will assist you with that.

  • I would like to receive an SCAP Conference Kit, what do I do?

All attendees will receive a conference kit, if a suitable shipping address is provided during registration (please note, that you can submit both an invoice address and a conference kit address). In case you register after October 22, the conference kit might not arrive prior to the conference.


Pre-Week (November 2 to 8)

  • What is shown during the pre-week?

From November 2 to 8, you can watch all scientific video contributions in an internal video channel accessible from the SCAP Website and freely browse through the contents. 

  • How long will the video contributions be available?

You can watch all videos until November 8

  • As a speaker, where do I upload my video contribution?

Please go to "My contributions" and upload your video as presentation material. Please check our "Instruction Video Contribution" for further information.

  • What is the concept of pre-week and  live conference?

During the pre-week, you can watch all scientific contributions and prepare for the live conference by collecting questions for the speakers. On November 9 and 10, you can watch keynote speeches, startup pitches, a plenary discussion as well as get involved in live chat Q&As with the speakers during the meet-up sessions.


Live Conference (November 9 and 10)

  • Where do I access the live conference?

The live conference is hosted by Accelevents, you can directly visit it at https://www.accelevents.com/e/scap2020

  • Do I need to register for the live conference separately?

No, as registered attendee you will have automatic access to the live conference system. You will also receive an email prior to the event and a calendar invite with more information.

  • How does the live Q&A session work?

During a meet-up session, speakers will quickly summarize their video contribution in one minute pitches. After ca. 3 presentations, attendees can ask their questions for about 10 minutes to the speakers by using the live chat tool in the conference system. Each session will be moderated by a chair person.

  • Can I talk to the speakers in separate breakout rooms during the live conference?

Yes, you can chat with speakers or meet in a separate video session over the conference system

  • How do I get in touch with the startups?

Each startup will have an individual booth at the conference, which is accessible through the "Expo" menu. Here, you can meet with the startup representatives in direct chat or video sessions.